RCI - General Contracting

General Contracting

We deliver best-in-class general contracting services by leveraging our wealth of experience and best practices, employing processes proven to help build smarter, safer, and faster projects. We pride ourselves in our Strength in versatility: in processes, relationships, and construction. Simply put, we are more than a niche builder: We have the breadth and depth of experience and ingenuity required to tackle every type of project on any scale.

Services Include:

  • Project management and supervision
  • Prudent selection of qualified subcontractors and suppliers
  • Communications liaison linking owners, designers, lenders and inspectors
  • Waste and recycling management
  • Permitting
  • Project scheduling
  • Submittal process administration
  • Cost, schedule and quality control
  • Sequencing and coordination of all trade activity
  • Safety planning and management
  • Impact mitigation to occupied areas
  • Compliance with all government, special, and A/E inspections
  • System commissioning and testing
  • Record keeping, as-built documentation
  • Building “start-up” procedures through commissioning process
  • Post-construction services: owner walk-throughs, training and warranties
RCI - Pre-Construction


Preconstruction is critical to the long-term success of any project, and our innovative approach makes us a standout in today’s competitive business environment. At RCI, the team providing preconstruction expertise is the same team that manages your project, an approach that ensures continuity and delivers value through the course of the project. From value engineering and cost estimating to scheduling, our qualified and experienced staff is dedicated to providing the information and expertise needed to deliver a project within any budget and schedule.

Services Include:

  • Value engineering / value management
  • Scheduling studies, cost estimating, and quantity surveys
  • Knowledgeable in-house resources for building components (MEP, building skins)
  • Subcontractor evaluations, bidding, and awards
  • Detailed review of sustainable goals
  • Estimates and budgets
  • Jobsite facility and site logistic planning
  • Process planning
  • Field condition surveys
  • Constructability input and reviews
  • Cost control
  • Design management and design-build
  • Virtual Design & Construction/BIM, mockups
  • Record keeping and documentation for owners and lenders
RCI - Estimating


At RCI Builders, we provide more than a number; we deliver a detailed analysis of the project drawn from decades of experience in the field, and are proud to stand behind our number.

Our estimating team benefits from an extensive history of noteworthy buildings across the county and understands what it takes to bring a design to fruition. Our team possesses the expertise and analytical aptitude to assess an early concept and provide a complete estimate even when the drawings aren’t. Coupled with our preconstruction services, our iterative, dynamic approach allows us to provide a realistic estimate and building plan for every project, every time.

RCI - Value Engineering

Value Engineering

Experience true value engineering, not last minute scope removal.

Value engineering at RCI Builders means just that – engineering value into the project. We are passionate about implementing cost effective methods and materials that not only save money but also add value to the overall project. We work with clients to understand their vision and objectives, and present alternative systems, materials and methods of construction designed to optimize that vision while maintaining integrity of the project design and budget.

RCI - Commercial Scheduling


Our comprehensive and thorough approach to preconstruction allows us to effectively plan projects and minimize inefficiencies. During preconstruction, we identify the means and methods of construction along with the best sequence and flow of the work, while proactively identify potential problem areas. We leverage our rich experience and best practices to develop realistic schedules and deliver quality construction on time and within budget.